Best Price Guarantee for your direct booking

COOEE alpin hotels: guaranteed the best prices

Auf unserer Webseite gibt es die Bestpreisgarantie.

The advantages of booking directly on the COOEE alpin website

When looking for a hotel, you may ask yourself whether you would rather book your vacation via an online travel agency or directly via the hotel website. We can help you with this decision! When booking directly with us, COOEE alpin Hotels, you have the following advantages over other booking platforms:

Best price guarantee
When you book directly on our website, we guarantee you the best price.

Largest selection of rates
When booking directly through our website, you will find more rates than any online booking platforms. The Limitless Rate, the most flexible way to book a vacation, is exclusively available on our website. With this rate it is possible to cancel free of charge until 4 pm on the arrival day, without deposit and without credit card guarantee.

All room categories
All available room categories are guaranteed to be bookable only through our website.

Transparent price overview
The prices listed on our website are final prices and always include VAT. The local tax is shown exclusive and will be paid upon departure.

Personal consultation
With a direct booking we can respond even better to your wishes. The COOEE alpin team is there for you by phone or e-mail, takes time and helps you to make the perfect decision.

Exclusive offers & discount promotions
Exclusively on our website you will find the best offers in spring, summer, fall and winter at best prices. The offers and packages are mostly composed of reduced price offers (e.g. -10% on the Flexible Rate) and included additional services, which are valid on certain days (e.g. stay Sunday to Thursday).